Daily Press Juicery 

Recently, I began a project with Daily Press Juicery on Queen W. They set me up with a mild cleanse package that they offer in their store. I always wanted to do something like this only because I thought it looked kinda cool and the way that i felt, I might do it more often! I feel super energized and don’t feel glued to my bed in the morning. I haven’t really been craving foods that much and honestly when I am hungry I am going to eat. I will never let myself starve, so before reaching that point I would drink some more of the juice. After that, if I was still hungry I would just eat something super light and try to stay away from carbs. This is very hard for me to not eat a lot of solid food, considering that I work in a bakery.

I think that everybody should check out Daily Press Juicery in Toronto, because only after the first few bottles I felt amazing. I picked up the reboot kit because it’s a milder cleanse for beginners, Although; most of the drinks are the same in the expert cleanse. My fav drink so far is the Mylk, which is dairy free and super yummy!

Thank you again Daily Press Juicery! 💗✌🏻️

Bunners Bakery 

A while back, I visited Bunners Bakery @Kensington Market. This is a gluten free, vegan friendly bakery, that I had been meaning to  check out for a while.  I tried the blueberry mini tart and it was good. I think it was around $3.50 , which is a fair price. As for Gluten free and Vegan bakeries , Whisked takes the cake! Bunners is worth a try, but not worth a return.  


RIZ on Yonge St.

A few years back for my birthday, my boyfriend took me to a restaurant we had both never tried before. Riz, is Asian food and the menu is gluten-free. I really enjoyed myself that evening and everything I tried, I loved! Everything about Riz is amazing and is my absolute favourite place to go and eat. The all you can eat menu is huge for lunch and dinner, I have been for both. Both locations are great, but I prefer the Riz on Yonge St because it is more spacious and they have a larger menu. The black maki is a menu option that only Riz on Yonge offers and it is to die for, I love it! Everything is so fresh and the food does not taste gluten-free at all.

A lot of people believe that eating gluten-free is bland and boring, but at Riz you can’t even tell the difference. Riz is actually the only restaurant in Ontario that offers gluten-free dim sum and tempura, which is amazing!  There are also tons of Vegan and Vegetarian options aswell, which makes this restaurant an option for almost anyone.

I am so happy that I was introduced to such a great restaurant! This is one you do not want to miss.




Whisked Gluten Free Bakery

I discovered Whisked Gluten-Free, about 8 months ago and love everything about it! Having a boyfriend with a gluten intolerance can be pretty hard at times, especially when you are craving sweets that he can’t enjoy with you. I have tried many gluten-free options, but so far nothing has been better than what you will find @ Whisked. Not only do they have amazing desserts, but the gluten-free bread is also fantastic. I normally buy a pre-cut loaf and stick it in the freezer, this works out really well after toasting.  I have tried the Cheese, Teff, Cinnamon Raisin, and Italian Style loaf and I love them all! A lot of their products are not only gluten-free but also vegan friendly.

Every week they have a flyer of what they are going to be selling, unless you want to order something specific. As for prices, they are very reasonable especially because anything gluten-free  is usually a lot more expensive. Whenever I go to Whisked it puts me in a better mood, I have never been disappointed with the quality of the products.

I recommend anyone trying out Whisked, even if you do not have a gluten allergy. They have some really great stuff!

Location :
1970 Ellesmere Rd. Unit 4


Lunch @ Green Eggplant on Queen.

The Green Eggplant used to be my favourite restaurant before they moved their location. I would regularly visit the restaurants former location , with my friends and family. The service was always great and I really loved the atmosphere before. Unfortunately this time around I did not enjoy my time here. The service was mediocre and our server was kinda rude to be honest. I still did enjoy my meal, although everything was very different from before. My sandwich was super fresh and delicious, but it was not the same… I don’t know if I will be returning back to The Green Eggplant anytime soon, as it did nothing for me. I remember my dining experience being so much better and more enjoyable before there move and renovation. At least I had a great friend with me which made everything fun!



Fresh on Eglinton

Fresh is a restaurant that can be enjoyed by more than just vegans.  They have so many options on the menu, never once been disappointed with my order. Fresh offers both dine-in and take-out options and the portion sizes are more than enough. If I’m ordering one of their popular bowls with rice, I order the “Baby Size”. This is so filling and is definitely not a baby size at all! Before dining at Fresh, I never imagined that eating vegan could taste so damn good!   Fresh also offers organic cold pressed juices and smoothies! I have tried a few, which are all super healthy and beneficial to your body. The menu is totally vegan friendly, with only a few dairy options available. They offer tons of classic items but as Vegan versions..like burgers, poutines, and tacos. 🌮🍔

If you are stuck on what to order @ Fresh, try the Quinoa Onion Rings. They are the best onion rings I have ever had.

Make sure you visit any of the Fresh locations, my favourite out of them all is the one on Eglinton. This is because it is the least crowed and crammed. Other than that,  I have no complaints at all about Fresh Restaurants and will be going again in the near future!

Check them out here 😊


Bang Bang Ice-Cream

Bang Bang Ice-cream has the best ice-cream flavors I have ever tried! I have visited Bang Bang a hand full of times and I have not once been disappointed. My first choice would be, chocolate peanut butter for one scoop and hazelnut ice-cream to top it off. I have tried the puffle cone that they freshly make and I have also tried the cookie sandwich option as well. I really did enjoy both! They also carry gluten-free and vegan options, for customers in need of alterations. I have tried the Gluten free ice-cream sandwich and it is amazing and super fresh. The cookie was the perfect texture and didn’t have a “Gluten-free” taste what so ever.

Some of their other flavors include….
Avocado, Burnt Toffee, Cinnamon Toast, B’day cookie doh, Corn on the Cone, Candy Apple, Cheesecake, Matcha, Fresh Mint, London Fog, Totaro, Rocky Roadkill and Mojito.

As for the store itself, they would definitely benefit by making it a bit bigger or even a bit more attention grabbing. The store is fairly small and usually very crowded, especially on a nice sunny day. There is also not much parking around on weekends because the streets are so busy, so its best to make a day out of it and go for a nice walk.

I can’t wait to head back to Bang Bang Ice-Cream as the weather gets warm again. Always up to try some of their new flavors 🍦

Check them out Here 

or @

93½ Ossington Ave