If you follow my Instagram @melinamagnatta_; You would know that I am a bit obsessed with making smoothie bowls. I love trying out new powders, supplements, and toppings for my bowls and Love Arctic had everything I needed.  Love Arctic carries healthy products with a taste of the arctic and their goal is to share peaceful moments when enjoying the products. All of their products are Vegan, Non- GMO and Gluten-Free which makes me feel a bit better about what I am consuming. I was lucky enough to try 4 different products from the company and they were all unique and tasted really healthy!

“It could be the moment you sprinkle our lingonberry powder on your breakfast oatmeal, snack dried bilberries in between a hectic day of meetings at work or sit on your couch in the evening with a cup of arctic herbal tea in your hands. That moment you forget the rush of your life and just enjoy your arctic moment”- Saara, Founder of Love Arctic.



The lingonberries are handpicked from the woods in Northern Finland and are then ground into a powder form. By adding 1 tablespoon of lingonberry powder, it is equivalent to 90 g of fresh berries. The colour of this powder is really fluorescent pink, which is an easy way to make your smoothie look pretty. Lingonberry powder is also an excellent way to add a bit more fibre to your diet. 




This product is harvested at the most northern part of Finland, close to the Arctic Circle. The flax is ground and mixed with handpicked bilberries, this is good to add to yogurt with some granola. Dawn is high in omega-3 fatty acid and is a great source of magnesium. Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. Dawn is also an easy way to add protein to your meal. The recommended serving size is 19g of protein!



This is perfect to add to your oatmeal or smoothie bowl! Also excellent for baking, I could imagine would be good in some berry bran muffins. What I love most, is that these berries are infused with pear juice concentrate to sweeten them. NO SUGAR!




Blackcurrant powder is high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to maintain the healthy function of the immune system during and after physical exercise. Also high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of strong bones. The powder also adds a beautiful dark blue colour to smoothies and a great taste. 


Impact Kitchen – Toronto

This is a place I had been meaning to go to for a while now and was really excited about taking my Gluten Free boyfriend here. This is because their entire menu is Gluten Free friendly and there is so much to choose from. I was introduced to Impact Kitchen through Instagram and thought this would be a good place to try out with someone that has a Gluten Free diet and see how they like it too.

We went this Saturday around 1:30 for a late lunch and ordered a few things. We each ordered a “Power Bowl” and shared a salad. Surprisingly there was a lot of food, usually I find that healthy food restaurants still leave me hungry. I was honestly full until dinner that evening and felt amazing throughout the day. We ordered two different bowls the Asian Rainbow Slaw and the Zesty Mexican. They were both amazing, although I liked the Slaw better.. Just felt like it was more my kind of meal. The salad we chose was the Beet Citrus Salad, which was so refreshing on such a hot day. I loved the salad and would honestly eat one everyday if Impact was closer to my house. Everything we got was very good and I highly recommend ordering them when you check them out.

I loved the atmosphere of Impact Kitchen, just made me feel really healthy and fresh. Its super clean in there and the servers really make you feel at home. This is a place that a lot of athletes come to eat because the menu is so pure and healthy. They use local farmers for the menus ingredients and don’t use processed foods, which is great!
I can’t wait to go back to impact Kitchen and try out some new things. I really did love it here and is a great place for anyone who is Gluten Free or just wanting something healthy and fresh to eat.

Check out Impact Kitchen


Coffee Bar
Salad, Slaw, Mexican
Asian Rainbow Slaw
Zesty Mexican
Beet Salad


Skinny Mint Teatox

Recently I had been sent a package from Skinny Mint to try out their 28 day teatox. This was something I had been wanting to try out for the longest time, but I was a bit sceptical on these types of teas. Before starting this 28 day tea cleanse (in the process of completing ATM) I did a lot of research about what these types of products really do for your body. Most of the information I had come across was WARNING material. A product that contains a form of laxative is not “healthy” to your body for everyday use. Although the evening cleanse is for every other night, this may or may not be beneficial to your overall health. But one major tip I had read, was to drink a lot of water during the evening cleanses. This is because you are reducing excess “waste”….

The morning that I began my journey with Skinny Mint; I woke up feeling amazing and ready to begin this process to a more fit me lol.  I let the tea steep for a few minutes and then sipped on my morning boost. After I finished my tea and breakfast, the gym was next on my agenda. I must say, I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to working out. For  some reason, whether it was the tea or my positive energy that morning… I had an amazing workout! I had tons of energy and didn’t feel as tired like usual.

I am continuing to take the morning boost tea just to give my self that extra bit of energy, plus it tastes pretty good. But as for the evening tea, it personally does not really fit my lifestyle. I don’t feel the need to take a product that is going to cause cramping or give me the sudden urge to run to a bathroom. I’m sure if I took the evening cleanse as directed, I would see more obvious results.

I will continue to drink the morning boost tea, and I do recommend this product for someone who needs a little more energy in the morning or during the day! As for the night cleanse, it is probably amazing for someone who has a less busy schedule and can spend a few hours in the bathroom. 🙊

Thanks again Skinny Mint for sending me this teatox 💕

Make sure you check them out @SkinnyMint.com