The ChaseĀ 

In May, I went to a restaurant called The Chase. My friend took me here because she had been before and really liked it. We sat on the rooftop and it was a bit chilly outside, but we didn’t really mind. 

The rooftop and inside of the restaurant are both super nice and I would love to go back now that the weather is better. We ordered the parmasean fries and I got a pretty yummy salad. We also shared an avocado and shrimp roll. The food was very good and I was obsessed with the fries!  

The prices were decent, not cheap but also not the most expensive place I’ve been too.  The fries were the best things I ordered, for the price. Portions are also not very big either but food quality is good.

Super nice place to go for a birthday or celebration. Will for sure go back. 
Check out The Chase