If you follow my Instagram @melinamagnatta_; You would know that I am a bit obsessed with making smoothie bowls. I love trying out new powders, supplements, and toppings for my bowls and Love Arctic had everything I needed.  Love Arctic carries healthy products with a taste of the arctic and their goal is to share peaceful moments when enjoying the products. All of their products are Vegan, Non- GMO and Gluten-Free which makes me feel a bit better about what I am consuming. I was lucky enough to try 4 different products from the company and they were all unique and tasted really healthy!

“It could be the moment you sprinkle our lingonberry powder on your breakfast oatmeal, snack dried bilberries in between a hectic day of meetings at work or sit on your couch in the evening with a cup of arctic herbal tea in your hands. That moment you forget the rush of your life and just enjoy your arctic moment”- Saara, Founder of Love Arctic.



The lingonberries are handpicked from the woods in Northern Finland and are then ground into a powder form. By adding 1 tablespoon of lingonberry powder, it is equivalent to 90 g of fresh berries. The colour of this powder is really fluorescent pink, which is an easy way to make your smoothie look pretty. Lingonberry powder is also an excellent way to add a bit more fibre to your diet. 




This product is harvested at the most northern part of Finland, close to the Arctic Circle. The flax is ground and mixed with handpicked bilberries, this is good to add to yogurt with some granola. Dawn is high in omega-3 fatty acid and is a great source of magnesium. Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. Dawn is also an easy way to add protein to your meal. The recommended serving size is 19g of protein!



This is perfect to add to your oatmeal or smoothie bowl! Also excellent for baking, I could imagine would be good in some berry bran muffins. What I love most, is that these berries are infused with pear juice concentrate to sweeten them. NO SUGAR!




Blackcurrant powder is high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to maintain the healthy function of the immune system during and after physical exercise. Also high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of strong bones. The powder also adds a beautiful dark blue colour to smoothies and a great taste. 


The best Gluten-free products.

Let me begin by saying, I LOVE GLUTEN. But my boyfriend and some family members of mine are allergic. Thanks to Udi’s and Glutino, eating Gluten-Free has never tasted so good. Just because you are breaking up with Gluten, doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Over the years, I have learned how to cook Gluten free meals and make some pretty awesome recipes. Mastering a great GF recipe is not always easy and can sometimes take a few try’s, that’s why I rely on Udi’s and Glutino! They are both certified Gluten-free company’s that create delicious and affordable products.
The variety is endless, they carry everything from baking mixes, boxed cookies, bread, pretzels, breadcrumbs, crackers and more where that came from. Udi’s and Glutino create high-quality foods that I have never been disappointed with. They have an amazing reputation and I know that they are both companies I can trust. The last think I want is the ones I care most about feeling sick, hurting and feeling uncomfortable because of something they ate.

Down below are my all time favorite products made by Glutino and Udi’s. I have tried all of these and would highly recommend them to someone suffering from a Gluten intolerance/allergy. These products have really changed my life in the kitchen and make eating Gluten-free exciting.


Gluten Free Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies


These cookies are so freaking good! Just like Oreo’s, but gluten-free.


Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels

How can you ever go wrong with chocolate covered pretzels, let alone chocolate covered anything?


Gluten Free Lemon Wafers


These Lemon Wafers taste exactly like Froot Loops to me, which I love! They are super sweet but so addictive.


Classic Hamburger Buns


This is a product that I have really been thankful for. We do a lot of BBQ at my house, so I always make sure to pick some of these up if I know we are having GF guests over.


Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies


I have tried all three flavors of the Soft-baked Cookies and the Salted Caramel Cashew are by far my favorite. There so addictive and literally melt in your mouth. The perfect cookie to pair with a cold glass of milk. Step up your cookie jar game and go get yourself some of these, I highly recommend.


Gluten Free Au Naturel Granola


Love adding this granola to my yogurt and smoothie bowls. I like that is simple and does not have too much going on, yet still is crunchy and flavorful. The ingredients are straightforward; CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE OATS, WILDFLOWER HONEY, CANOLA OIL.


Thank you Glutino and Udi’s for this amazing collaboration and experience. Although these products were complimentary, my opinion and content remain unbiased.

Basil Box – Toronto

This past Monday, I visited Basil Box @ Ryerson University . I had been eyeing this place for a while now and everything looked so yummy on their Instagram account. Going out for Asian inspired dishes is my favourite. The style of the restaurant is build your own meal style, which I love! Customizing my options is great because sometimes I can get a little picky sometimes. You begin with a base for your bowl. The options are noodles, rice or greens. Next you add in your veggie options, proteins and last sauces and toppings.

What I really love most about Basil Box, is that there options for any type of diet. Every option on the menu is Gluten Free (Sauces and all). I love this because most places only have one or two options for those who are Gluten free. There are also options for those dairy free or vegan as well.

All the employees are super friendly and helpful. One worker, Phoebe was assisting us was awesome and very polite! Everything is super clean and organized at the Basil Box and is a pretty big space. You can get your food to go if you are in a hurry or are pressed for time. This is a great place to grab lunch quick while at school and honestly have enough to eat later on in the day also.  The bowls are filling and  affordable. If I went to Ryerson, I would probably be here everyday.

I have honestly found my new obsession, I am so glad that I tried Basil Box and wish I had tried it sooner.

Thank you BASIL BOX for the delicious food!

Impact Kitchen – Toronto

This is a place I had been meaning to go to for a while now and was really excited about taking my Gluten Free boyfriend here. This is because their entire menu is Gluten Free friendly and there is so much to choose from. I was introduced to Impact Kitchen through Instagram and thought this would be a good place to try out with someone that has a Gluten Free diet and see how they like it too.

We went this Saturday around 1:30 for a late lunch and ordered a few things. We each ordered a “Power Bowl” and shared a salad. Surprisingly there was a lot of food, usually I find that healthy food restaurants still leave me hungry. I was honestly full until dinner that evening and felt amazing throughout the day. We ordered two different bowls the Asian Rainbow Slaw and the Zesty Mexican. They were both amazing, although I liked the Slaw better.. Just felt like it was more my kind of meal. The salad we chose was the Beet Citrus Salad, which was so refreshing on such a hot day. I loved the salad and would honestly eat one everyday if Impact was closer to my house. Everything we got was very good and I highly recommend ordering them when you check them out.

I loved the atmosphere of Impact Kitchen, just made me feel really healthy and fresh. Its super clean in there and the servers really make you feel at home. This is a place that a lot of athletes come to eat because the menu is so pure and healthy. They use local farmers for the menus ingredients and don’t use processed foods, which is great!
I can’t wait to go back to impact Kitchen and try out some new things. I really did love it here and is a great place for anyone who is Gluten Free or just wanting something healthy and fresh to eat.

Check out Impact Kitchen


Coffee Bar
Salad, Slaw, Mexican
Asian Rainbow Slaw
Zesty Mexican
Beet Salad


Weslodge Saloon – Toronto 

On Saturday, Family and I went to try out the Weslodge Saloon for dinner. We all decided to go with the prefixed Summerlicious menu

 This was amazing! I went with the Weslodge Chop Salad to start. This was super fresh and delicious, I am so happy I chose this as my starter. For my main….I ordered the Rainbow Trout, this was cooked to perfection. So flavourful!  Not really much on the plate other than the fish and a small amount of kale, but it was amazing quality. Lastly for desert, I got the chocolate tart… And oh my god was it amazing!!! It was so rich and smooth, I would go back just for that reason alone. 

I would go back to Weslodge for drinks for sure, the atmosphere is super cool and the drink menu is 10x larger than the food menu. This is a great place to come with friends and family. The staff were all super friendly and acomadating, when it came to gluten free options. They really take extra care at Weslodge Saloon, feels nice to know that most of the Summerlicious menu was Gluten Free friendly. 


Sushitto on the road.

A while back , I stalked down the Sushitto truck in downtown Toronto. I had been wanting to try these sushi burrito after I saw them getting really popular in other major cities. I took my boyfriend and we both got different sushi burritos, Spicy salmon and Regular salmon. They were both amazing but, I liked the one he got better (seems like that always happens).

To catch the Sushitto truck, its best to follow the Instagram page closely because they change their location a lot. They sell out really quick so its best to get there before the opening time. The food is absolutely amazing and was so worth the money. Very impressive for such a small work space!

Check out SUSHITTO 😍

Mamma Chia

I currently have a new obsession with Mamma Chia products! I recently received a box of stuff from them and have really been enjoying most of the snacks. I like the Chia Squeezes, they come in many flavors and are to perfect snack when Im in a rush. At first the texture takes some getting used to because its kind of jelly like. These pouches are super high in omega 3s, so I really recommend adding something like this to your diet. All of the flavours are super yummy but my favorite was the Strawberry banana squeeze!

You can order these healthy, affordable, to go snacks HERE!




My Diet | What don’t I eat … 

Ever since I was little, I loved eating and trying new foods. I feel happy about new restaurants and meals that I try, and want to share them with my friends. You don’t always need to go to the fanciest, most expensive places to have a good bite to eat!

Lately, I have been getting a lot of messages asking me about what type of diet I follow, which I find funny. A lot of people are confused and think that I am a strict vegan or follow a Gluten free diet and that is something I could probably never do, unless it was for health reasons. I have had days where I have eaten 100% vegan or free from gluten, although; this is not something I follow.

Typically, I eat what I want and what makes me feel good. I try to stay away from dairy, because it does cause some issues with my stomach. For me dairy causes too much mucus and gas, which does not make me feel the greatest. Although I am not very strict with this issue, because once a week I find myself eating ice cream.

I find it exciting when I discover an enjoyable food place that people with different diets can enjoy aswell. This does not mean that I am trying to be vegan or gluten free or any of that. I do support those who do take on that lifestyle change, but myself personally am not interested. I don’t really want/need to eat a certain way, I eat what I like and that’s about it.

I feel my best when eat multiple meals throughout the day and not to late at night. I feel better when I don’t eat lots of red meat in the week, when I eat to much I feel sluggish. There’s not really a lot that I don’t like or don’t eat. I’m not very picky and honestly love all fruits and vegetables. Carbs are my weakness but what can you do. So I just try to eat the best that I can.

I just wanted to get that all sorted out because it seems that every post I make or photo on my Instagram, I get a message asking me if I’m vegan or gluten free. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but also like to enjoy a big juicy burger and fries once and a while.


If anyone has anymore questions about my diet, feel free to contact me.

Bunners Bakery 

A while back, I visited Bunners Bakery @Kensington Market. This is a gluten free, vegan friendly bakery, that I had been meaning to  check out for a while.  I tried the blueberry mini tart and it was good. I think it was around $3.50 , which is a fair price. As for Gluten free and Vegan bakeries , Whisked takes the cake! Bunners is worth a try, but not worth a return.  


RIZ on Yonge St.

A few years back for my birthday, my boyfriend took me to a restaurant we had both never tried before. Riz, is Asian food and the menu is gluten-free. I really enjoyed myself that evening and everything I tried, I loved! Everything about Riz is amazing and is my absolute favourite place to go and eat. The all you can eat menu is huge for lunch and dinner, I have been for both. Both locations are great, but I prefer the Riz on Yonge St because it is more spacious and they have a larger menu. The black maki is a menu option that only Riz on Yonge offers and it is to die for, I love it! Everything is so fresh and the food does not taste gluten-free at all.

A lot of people believe that eating gluten-free is bland and boring, but at Riz you can’t even tell the difference. Riz is actually the only restaurant in Ontario that offers gluten-free dim sum and tempura, which is amazing!  There are also tons of Vegan and Vegetarian options aswell, which makes this restaurant an option for almost anyone.

I am so happy that I was introduced to such a great restaurant! This is one you do not want to miss.