Té – Toronto

This Monday, I ate at Té; a tapas style restaurant. Té demonstrates its Asian and American influences, when it comes to the food and drinks.  I tried a number of things on the menu, which were all amazing and super fresh. The owners of the restaurant, Grace and Tina were both very nice and helpful when it came to choosing the most popular dishes. Té has only been open for a few months and are off to a great start.They are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late nights and have a wide variety of menu options.

I absolutely loved the style and white layout that the restaurant had, the look of the marble table makes everything look so clean. Our beautiful table was located at the front and was big enough for about six people. There is also an outdoor area out back and more tables at the end of the restaurant.


We tried a few of the cocktails, which were all so unique and delicious. My favorite was the Green Té Mojito, I thought it was so refreshing and just the perfect summer drink. The Chai Milk Té was amazing too, but I feel would go better with desert. We also tried The Spicy Chai, which I loved because anything with ginger is awesome! The drinks are priced fairly, around $10 a cocktail. I would for sure go back just for the drinks alone.

I fell involve with Kimchi Ravioli! I have never heard of Kimchi Ravioli in my life, it was so perfectly done… I was very impressed. Just the right about of crispness on the outside, spice from the kimchi and creaminess from the ricotta. I could have eaten the entire plate of these, one of my top menu picks @ Té. Also, tried the Braised Pork Crostini which was really flavourful and filling.


These were both really good, The Braised Beef Poutine was another favorite of mine that evening. This is a must have and great to share with others, as it is pretty heavy. The gravy on it has a flavour that I can’t quite put my finger on, but leaves you wanting more.

This was another one of my faves, everything about it was so good! The dough balls are made out of asian steamed rice, which I haven’t seen done before. This had a spicy tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese. This reminded me of Gnocchi pasta, with an asian twist to it. I loved this dish and next time I go back, this will be the first thing I re-order.


Bulgogi Sliders

The Bulgogi sliders were the perfect combination of Asian and American inspired ingredients. The meat on the slider was juicy and seasoned just right! This was topped with a quail egg and a savory wasabi mayo.

Overall, Té is an awesome choice for a night out with friends and family. They have such a creative menu and have not seen anything like it before. I would highly recommend ordering the “pizza” that they make, it was one of a kind. I can’t wait to go back with a group of friends for brunch , would love to try The Huevos Mash-up ( SOUNDS SO GOOD).

Thank you Grace and Tina for an amazing evening Té Toronto. Keep up the excellent work!

Basil Box – Toronto

This past Monday, I visited Basil Box @ Ryerson University . I had been eyeing this place for a while now and everything looked so yummy on their Instagram account. Going out for Asian inspired dishes is my favourite. The style of the restaurant is build your own meal style, which I love! Customizing my options is great because sometimes I can get a little picky sometimes. You begin with a base for your bowl. The options are noodles, rice or greens. Next you add in your veggie options, proteins and last sauces and toppings.

What I really love most about Basil Box, is that there options for any type of diet. Every option on the menu is Gluten Free (Sauces and all). I love this because most places only have one or two options for those who are Gluten free. There are also options for those dairy free or vegan as well.

All the employees are super friendly and helpful. One worker, Phoebe was assisting us was awesome and very polite! Everything is super clean and organized at the Basil Box and is a pretty big space. You can get your food to go if you are in a hurry or are pressed for time. This is a great place to grab lunch quick while at school and honestly have enough to eat later on in the day also.  The bowls are filling and  affordable. If I went to Ryerson, I would probably be here everyday.

I have honestly found my new obsession, I am so glad that I tried Basil Box and wish I had tried it sooner.

Thank you BASIL BOX for the delicious food!

Impact Kitchen – Toronto

This is a place I had been meaning to go to for a while now and was really excited about taking my Gluten Free boyfriend here. This is because their entire menu is Gluten Free friendly and there is so much to choose from. I was introduced to Impact Kitchen through Instagram and thought this would be a good place to try out with someone that has a Gluten Free diet and see how they like it too.

We went this Saturday around 1:30 for a late lunch and ordered a few things. We each ordered a “Power Bowl” and shared a salad. Surprisingly there was a lot of food, usually I find that healthy food restaurants still leave me hungry. I was honestly full until dinner that evening and felt amazing throughout the day. We ordered two different bowls the Asian Rainbow Slaw and the Zesty Mexican. They were both amazing, although I liked the Slaw better.. Just felt like it was more my kind of meal. The salad we chose was the Beet Citrus Salad, which was so refreshing on such a hot day. I loved the salad and would honestly eat one everyday if Impact was closer to my house. Everything we got was very good and I highly recommend ordering them when you check them out.

I loved the atmosphere of Impact Kitchen, just made me feel really healthy and fresh. Its super clean in there and the servers really make you feel at home. This is a place that a lot of athletes come to eat because the menu is so pure and healthy. They use local farmers for the menus ingredients and don’t use processed foods, which is great!
I can’t wait to go back to impact Kitchen and try out some new things. I really did love it here and is a great place for anyone who is Gluten Free or just wanting something healthy and fresh to eat.

Check out Impact Kitchen


Coffee Bar
Salad, Slaw, Mexican
Asian Rainbow Slaw
Zesty Mexican
Beet Salad


OIKOS Creations

A while back, Oikos Greek yogurt delivered  me a beautiful package of their products!
I never got round to posting this because I ate everything so quickly, and it really just slipped my mind. Have still been getting used to this whole blogging thing. Anyway, a while back, Oikos sent me this wonderful gift to feature on my Instagram and blog so that I can try out some of their new flavors. Not only did they include tons of yogurt, they also added tastes of the Greek Islands and fresh fruits to create the best Oikos snack! I was very impressed with the team from Oikos and can’t thank them enough.

Greek yogurt is an excellent way to get in the extra protein on the go. My favourite flavors were the chocolate banana and the coconut one. I love having yogurt in my smoothies or even just with some granola and fruit. Oikos products are absolutely amazing and especially for summer, you can make some healthy popsicles out of them!

Thank you again Oikos Creations  👅

Mamma Chia

I currently have a new obsession with Mamma Chia products! I recently received a box of stuff from them and have really been enjoying most of the snacks. I like the Chia Squeezes, they come in many flavors and are to perfect snack when Im in a rush. At first the texture takes some getting used to because its kind of jelly like. These pouches are super high in omega 3s, so I really recommend adding something like this to your diet. All of the flavours are super yummy but my favorite was the Strawberry banana squeeze!

You can order these healthy, affordable, to go snacks HERE!




Hollywood Cone

A while back, I was taken to Hollywood Cone for some ice-cream. I saw this place a lot on Instagram and had been meaning to check it out. Its pretty busy in the store and not too many seats. But if you are going to take it to go, just take it to the car, theres nothing great around here.

I shared the Nutella doughnut shake and it was amazing! The doughnuts were still hot and stuffed with Nutella, which I’m obsessed with. This was crazy good, but is just a try once kinda place. Super sugary and bad for you, not something I would want to make a routine.

Check out  HOLLYWOOD CONE, for some over the top ice cream and milkshakes.

My Diet | What don’t I eat … 

Ever since I was little, I loved eating and trying new foods. I feel happy about new restaurants and meals that I try, and want to share them with my friends. You don’t always need to go to the fanciest, most expensive places to have a good bite to eat!

Lately, I have been getting a lot of messages asking me about what type of diet I follow, which I find funny. A lot of people are confused and think that I am a strict vegan or follow a Gluten free diet and that is something I could probably never do, unless it was for health reasons. I have had days where I have eaten 100% vegan or free from gluten, although; this is not something I follow.

Typically, I eat what I want and what makes me feel good. I try to stay away from dairy, because it does cause some issues with my stomach. For me dairy causes too much mucus and gas, which does not make me feel the greatest. Although I am not very strict with this issue, because once a week I find myself eating ice cream.

I find it exciting when I discover an enjoyable food place that people with different diets can enjoy aswell. This does not mean that I am trying to be vegan or gluten free or any of that. I do support those who do take on that lifestyle change, but myself personally am not interested. I don’t really want/need to eat a certain way, I eat what I like and that’s about it.

I feel my best when eat multiple meals throughout the day and not to late at night. I feel better when I don’t eat lots of red meat in the week, when I eat to much I feel sluggish. There’s not really a lot that I don’t like or don’t eat. I’m not very picky and honestly love all fruits and vegetables. Carbs are my weakness but what can you do. So I just try to eat the best that I can.

I just wanted to get that all sorted out because it seems that every post I make or photo on my Instagram, I get a message asking me if I’m vegan or gluten free. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but also like to enjoy a big juicy burger and fries once and a while.


If anyone has anymore questions about my diet, feel free to contact me.

Bunners Bakery 

A while back, I visited Bunners Bakery @Kensington Market. This is a gluten free, vegan friendly bakery, that I had been meaning to  check out for a while.  I tried the blueberry mini tart and it was good. I think it was around $3.50 , which is a fair price. As for Gluten free and Vegan bakeries , Whisked takes the cake! Bunners is worth a try, but not worth a return.  


Skinny Mint Teatox

Recently I had been sent a package from Skinny Mint to try out their 28 day teatox. This was something I had been wanting to try out for the longest time, but I was a bit sceptical on these types of teas. Before starting this 28 day tea cleanse (in the process of completing ATM) I did a lot of research about what these types of products really do for your body. Most of the information I had come across was WARNING material. A product that contains a form of laxative is not “healthy” to your body for everyday use. Although the evening cleanse is for every other night, this may or may not be beneficial to your overall health. But one major tip I had read, was to drink a lot of water during the evening cleanses. This is because you are reducing excess “waste”….

The morning that I began my journey with Skinny Mint; I woke up feeling amazing and ready to begin this process to a more fit me lol.  I let the tea steep for a few minutes and then sipped on my morning boost. After I finished my tea and breakfast, the gym was next on my agenda. I must say, I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to working out. For  some reason, whether it was the tea or my positive energy that morning… I had an amazing workout! I had tons of energy and didn’t feel as tired like usual.

I am continuing to take the morning boost tea just to give my self that extra bit of energy, plus it tastes pretty good. But as for the evening tea, it personally does not really fit my lifestyle. I don’t feel the need to take a product that is going to cause cramping or give me the sudden urge to run to a bathroom. I’m sure if I took the evening cleanse as directed, I would see more obvious results.

I will continue to drink the morning boost tea, and I do recommend this product for someone who needs a little more energy in the morning or during the day! As for the night cleanse, it is probably amazing for someone who has a less busy schedule and can spend a few hours in the bathroom. 🙊

Thanks again Skinny Mint for sending me this teatox 💕

Make sure you check them out @SkinnyMint.com