Winterlicious @ R & D

R&D ( Rebel and Demon ) is a restaurant that I had been to before, but this year I really wanted to try their Winterlicious menu. We decided to go for lunch and would I would definitely go again. Owned by Eric Chong, MasterChef winner and Michelin-starred chef and MasterChef judge, Alvin Leung.  This time we actually got the chance to sit at the Chefs Table and talk to Eric. I was a huge fan of him while he was competing on MasterChef Canada, so this was really exciting. Made my experience at R&D all the more enjoyable.

Appetizer – Glass Noodle Salad (vegetarian)


Each course was amazing and something unique. The cold noodle salad was so refreshing and full of flavour. I liked the choice of vegtables they used here. Topped with a sweet miso vinaigrette, this appetizer was overall a good pick!

Entree – Seafood Curry

I had never tried seafood curry before but this one will be hard to beat! They load the rich and creamy curry with seafood, I was impressed with the amount of food they give with the lunch for Winterlicious. This dish does not actually come with the coconut rice, it was an additional cost. Although this really did bring the dish all together, I couldnt imagine the curry without it.


Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding (vegetarian) OR Lychee Panna Cotta

The Toffee Pudding was not much of a pudding. I was not expecting the cakeyness consistancey of the “pudding” , but I loved it! Huge size dessert, big enough to share. Steamed Malaysian date cake, maple caramel, vanilla ice cream and pineapple.This was a great choice. I also got to try the Lychee Panna Cotta with Macerated blackberries, housemade granola with ginger. This was light but an amazing dessert, i actually prefered this one over the Toffee Pudding.


Jamie’s Italian – Toronto 

On the weekend, I went to Jamie’s Italian for lunch with my sister. I had been wanting to try this place since it opened because I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver and figure this restaurant would be amazing. 
When we walked in everything was super clean and the layout was cool. The restaurant is fairly large and had many different parts to it. Where we were seated was close to the lady making the house made pasta. This was brand new machinery and looked nothing like the one my nonna uses to make her pasta. Whoever designed the restaurant did an excellent job, everything looked great. 
My sister and I decided to order the fried calamari to share…. Which honestly tasted like something I could have gotten at East Side Marios. Nothing special, deffinatley not what I expected from a Jamie Oliver Restaurant. 

We also each ordered our own pasta. We both got the rigatoni with buffalo mozzarella and breadcrumbs. This was mediocre. I wanted to play it safe for my pasta option, so I just got something very basic. But that being said, I could have made it at home for myself that’s how basic it was … Aside from the homemade pasta itself. 

Maybe my expectations were too high but I have been watching Jamie Oliver since I was a little girl on Tv….. And that was pretty disappointing as for flavour.