Okay, ladies and gentleman… just because sandal season is coming to an end it does not mean you need to neglect your feet. Yes, mitten weather is quickly approaching but your hands still deserve to feel healthy and pretty.

I can admit that growing up, I was never good to my nails and took very poor care of them. I rarely got my nails done because at the jobs I had; they would immediately get ruined. Not to mention… I am a nail biter. I am not proud of this and I am getting a lot better because I don’t want ugly 10-year-old boy fingers for the rest of my life. I want to have natural, long, strong, healthy nails that people assume are fake because they are so beautiful.

I highly recommend checking out CURES STUDIO in Liberty Village, Toronto. I tried them for the first time and what an amazing experience. The studio is stunning and so clean, which is most important to me. The facility is toxic free and they only use high-quality products.. even some local ones too! One of my favorites being the scrub by VO BATH & CO.

Not only is there studio beautiful, they really do an amazing job and the girls take great care of you. This is the perfect place to bring your BFF for her birthday or to make it your regular beauty spot.


AQUIS Hair Towels

Recently, I have begun a new hair routine to strengthen my thin and broken locks. A product that has already made a difference is my new AQUIS Hair Towel.  I received this towel about 2 weeks ago and have used it after every hair wash. It is made to soak all of the water out of your hair to reduce the use of a blow dryer. When hair is wet it is most vulnerable, so minimizing heat is very important. Aquis is made up of a material that quickly and safely drys the hair. The longer that your hair stays wet, the more it stretches and water it absorbs. But, when it gets too stretched and bloated the keratin bonds rupture and your hair loses all natural elasticity. So it’s crucial to dry your hair fast to prevent damage. But to do so in a way that doesn’t stress or stretch your hair. It is lightweight, so it does not pull on your head and you can continue with your beauty routine while having this gentle towel on. 

I got LUXE LONG HAIR TOWEL in Moody Grey and Ive noticed that by keeping this towel on my head for as little as ten minutes, my hair is about 75-80% dry. This is perfect for the winter months because coming out of the shower with wet hair, is uncomfortably chilly. This drys the hair fast and damage-free. 

You can find these towels at Sephora or @ AQUIS.COM


Thank you again AQUIS. 

Summer soft skin steps ☀️

This is one of the first summers in a long time that I have truly felt happy with my skin. I’m not bragging or anything here, I am just happy that I feel confident with it because I struggled with nasty spots growing up. For years, I felt insecure about my skin because first of all, it is very fair and freckley. Second of all, it was not very smooth and always had an obvious pimple. Third, I felt like everyone around me had flawless skin.

Just recently, these pasts couple of years I have learned to love my freckles and I get excited when I get more! Honestly, it kind of looks like a tan when you have so many. Freckles make me who I am and there is no point in hiding them because they are unique. They are awesome, they fade in the winter and come out and multiply in the summer.
Anyways, this summer I have been taking really good care of my skin and making sure it feels and looks it’s best. In the morning and night I typically wash my face with MARCELLE BB CLEANSER and just pat dry it with a towel. This takes off all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh.  In the morning, before I put on my makeup, I put on a facial sunscreen. I do this to protect my skin from whatever sun I will be exposed to during the day and to moisturize my skin. For this, I use SPF 60, because I do have very sensitive skin.
At night after I wash my face, I use the BOTANICAL SIGNATURE OIL for brightening skin. In the morning when I re-wash my face, it feels so soft and smooth.
In the summer I do try to wear as little makeup as possible for the daytime because at work I do sweat a lot. It is also very important to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Eating a healthy diet is key to good skin as well.  But when I do start to notice a few blemishes I use and excellent coffee scrub. There are a few that I normally use and would recommend. I have posted about these before if you are interested in coffee scrubbing.
If you are looking for some new skin care products to add into your routine, these are great! Or if you have any questions, let me know. Protect yourselves from the sun and have a great summer.
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 Recently, Lenore Cole sent me the most wonderful package. First of all, I loved the thank you card , aswell as the packaging. It was all so well put together, Lenore Cole Candles has great gift ideas! 

Anyways, so the candle…. SMELLS AMAZING! Its not too overpowering and I absolutely love this scent, eucalyptus mint. 

Check out Lenore Cole Candles 


Fleur Organics (GIRLS ONLY)

This post is meant for girls only, because males do not get a monthly period…

Recently, I have collaborated with a subscription box company called Fleur Organics. They provide you with monthly feminine hygiene products, by mail. This is a great idea and makes your period experience a little less annoying. Sometimes those monthly visits to the drugstore can be out of the way, embarrassing or sometimes you just forget.

The founder of Fleur Organics is a Registered Nurse, who realized there are so many negatives with using some products. She wanted to find a safer and healthier option for all women. By creating these more convenient products, this had definitly caught my attention.  Using organic cotton is actually very important because there are so many harmful chemicals in tampons and pads, that we are not aware of.  The “average” woman uses approximately 11,000 tampons in her lifetime and if they are potentially hazardous, thats pretty scary. A lot of well known tampon brands contain plastics, wood pulp and dangerous chemicals.

With Fleur Organics you can customize what you would like to receive each month, what fits your lifestyle best. By scheduling delivery around your cycle, makes periods more simple and less of a hassle. It’s so important to take care of your body, from the inside out.


Thank you Fleur Organics for introducing me to your amazing idea and products. 

Tips for a less stressful Prom!

Since lots of girls have been asking me….To start off, this post is aimed more towards the girls who have not yet experienced a Prom. This can be a very stressful and overwhelming time for most of us. When it comes to finding the perfect dress, this is the beginning to an ongoing challenge. Most of the dresses you find in the malls are all overpriced and overdone. I mean if thats something you don’t necessarily care about, than by all means.

Last year I had two Proms to attend, which was fun but very overwhelming. I refused to wear the same dress to both and I would not settle for a dress that was to overpriced. I visited almost every Prom dress store in the GTA and I still couldn’t find what I was looking for. Thats when I started looking into getting my dresses custom made, because clearly I was having some issues. This is something I should have considered right from the beginning. My mom and I had found a local designer named TIZZ, and had no idea what the outcome would be. But when everything was complete, I was very happy and impressed. I really recommend getting someone to make your dress, if you have something different and specific in mind. I got both dresses made for the price of one at any prom dress store downtown. I was more than happy with both of my dresses and they fit me perfectly.

As for makeup and hair, I really recommend just doing it on your own. I am super picky and most of the time, I am not satisfied with how other people do my makeup. It doesn’t help that I am pale so there is not to much you can do for me. I got my makeup done at the MAC @ Scarborough Town Centre for one of the proms and ended up redoing it when I got home. I was not pleased at all with the outcome for how long it took to apply and how much it cost. For both proms I did my own hair because my dad is a hairdresser and I had all the tools at home. I really recommend spending a little more money and buy the products to do it yourself.

Hope this helped a bit 🙂

Enjoy your proms!


Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub

Almost two weeks ago I tried an upcoming product called Mr.Bean coffee scrub. When it comes to making your skin more toned looking and soft feeling, coffee scrubs have become very popular. Mr. Bean Coffee Body Scrub is formulated to improve your skin imperfections. This is an all-natural and organic product, that has never been tested on animals. After using this scrub for the first time, my skin felt softer and smoother than it ever has. Mr.Bean uses fair-trade coffee beans and other Organic ingriedients such as coconut oil!   Here are some of the perks of adding a Coffee Scrub into your weekly beauty routine, information found at

• Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis.
• Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes
• Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturize your skin
• Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation 

I recieved the Mandarin Coffee Scrub and I really did love it. I enjoyed it so much that I actually ended up overusing the product on my face, which led to a pretty serious rash.  I believe that this rash was caused by my own wrong doing and not the product itself. I have very sensitive skin especially on my face and I should have been more smart and careful. I got a bit excited about the scrub and got carried away 🙈 The rash only lasted a few days but it was pretty serious. I advise starting off with very little if you have super sensitive skin.

As for the company itself, Mr.Bean is great! They really take the time to respond back to your emails regarding both compliments and concerns. Soon after I had posted about the scrub on my Instagram page, Mr.Bean had reposted my selfie with their product.

I really do recommend trying out this scrub if your skin is not as silky as desired. Immediately after my first use, I had noticed a difference in the way my skin felt!




Vida Glow 

A few weeks ago I started taking a marine collagen supplement. It claims to assist with healthy hair, skin and nails. Vida Glow is a fairly simple product to use, as it comes packed in advised portion size.

The package that I had received courtesy of Vida Glow, was the 30 serving option. This one in particular is flavourless and mixes best into smoothies.Although Vida Glow states it disolves 100%, I personally do not advise mixing this into water. It leaves massive white chunks floating around and it’s pretty gross.

I am about half way done this package of 30 servings and I absolutely love the difference I have seen in my overall health. My hair in particular is noticibly more full and healthy, which I love! I’ve actually gotten more compliments on my hair without even styling it.

I believe this product does work wonders. I have not been taking it for very long but after being sent this gift from Vida Glow I will be sure to purchase from them again! Vida Glow also offers this product in flavors, which I will probably try next time 🐒🍓
Thank you Vida Glow for this amazing product and for making my hair and skin feel alive again!

Check out Vida Glow @ 

Vida Glow Marine Collagen



Skinny Mint Teatox

Recently I had been sent a package from Skinny Mint to try out their 28 day teatox. This was something I had been wanting to try out for the longest time, but I was a bit sceptical on these types of teas. Before starting this 28 day tea cleanse (in the process of completing ATM) I did a lot of research about what these types of products really do for your body. Most of the information I had come across was WARNING material. A product that contains a form of laxative is not “healthy” to your body for everyday use. Although the evening cleanse is for every other night, this may or may not be beneficial to your overall health. But one major tip I had read, was to drink a lot of water during the evening cleanses. This is because you are reducing excess “waste”….

The morning that I began my journey with Skinny Mint; I woke up feeling amazing and ready to begin this process to a more fit me lol.  I let the tea steep for a few minutes and then sipped on my morning boost. After I finished my tea and breakfast, the gym was next on my agenda. I must say, I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to working out. For  some reason, whether it was the tea or my positive energy that morning… I had an amazing workout! I had tons of energy and didn’t feel as tired like usual.

I am continuing to take the morning boost tea just to give my self that extra bit of energy, plus it tastes pretty good. But as for the evening tea, it personally does not really fit my lifestyle. I don’t feel the need to take a product that is going to cause cramping or give me the sudden urge to run to a bathroom. I’m sure if I took the evening cleanse as directed, I would see more obvious results.

I will continue to drink the morning boost tea, and I do recommend this product for someone who needs a little more energy in the morning or during the day! As for the night cleanse, it is probably amazing for someone who has a less busy schedule and can spend a few hours in the bathroom. 🙊

Thanks again Skinny Mint for sending me this teatox 💕

Make sure you check them out