Top 5 Friday – Best Lattes in Toronto

Introducing the first ever; Freckles, Food and Fashion, Top 5 Friday! I am sharing my favorite places to go for lattes in Toronto. As you may have seen on my Instagram before, I do not drink dairy anymore and have eliminated it from my diet. Therefore, these Toronto coffee shops and cafes that I am sharing all have dairy-free milk alternatives. I strongly believe that if someone can make an outstanding dairy-free latte; the way they make ones WITH milk, are 100x better. I have found it really difficult to find baristas that do not burn the dairy-free milk. For the perfect latte, I go to these 5 places…

My all-time favorite latte! I have had my fair share of Lamanna’s coffee and it never gets old in my books. I used to work there for a number of years, and still go back regularly for there outstanding lattes. What I like the most about Lamanna’s is; how consistent they are. They continue to create product that is of quality and tastes so damn good every single time. They have managed to master, literally perfect the almond milk latte. I have yet to try one better. Also, don’t forget to try the Nutella croissants… they are my weakness. They do not cheap out with the Nutella, it’s filled and gooey!

Who knew that you could find a crazy good latte inside of a furniture shop!? Thirty six knots has the most trendy furniture and incredible coffee. They have a super modern set-up and a small area to sit and enjoy your coffee. Although, I typically take mine to go because I love walking around in that area on a nice day.

I recently started going here for the oat milk lattes and I am hooked! They have such a cute space and love the Summerhill location best. The baristas are super friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a great place to get work done and grab a coffee, Boxcar is your place!

I fell in love with Neo coffee when I began college a few years ago and love the lattes here. This is such a great place to get a small bite, grab a coffee and get to work…if you can find a seat. They also carry Sloane Tea at Neo too, if you prefer tea over coffee. Go for the Heavenly Cream, it is one of my faves.

A true neighborhood gem. I love heading to The Birchcliff for a latte and while I am there, I cannot help but pick up a brownie. I am so happy that a coffee shop opened in the birch cliff community. My family owns a small business in the area and for years there was no place for us to get coffee. We love supporting local businesses, especially ones that have friendly employees!

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