Winter Skincare Routine

For months, I have really suffered with my skin and finally, I can write this post with confidence; in hopes of helping some of you. My relationship with my skin has been very off and on the last 6-8 months. Anywhere from a minor breakout to a cystic pimple and anywhere in between. I have fairly sensitive skin and have tried a lot of products through this journey to clearer skin. I wanted to avoid oral medication to treat my skin and try and fix things on my own.

A friend of mine had recommended trying products from Kiehl’s. I went to the location at Toronto Eaton’s Centre and was blown away by there helpful staff. I explained my skin concerns and they worked with me to pick out the best products for me. I use a variety of their products daily; in the morning and night. I really noticed a difference in the appearance and feeling of my face. As an everyday cleanser, I use the Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser. It is super gentle and you only need a small amount of this. Most of my everyday skincare products are from Kiehls because I find that they work best for my skin and they are fairly priced for the quality  I also really enjoy using the Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub by Kiehl’s. I did not include a photo of this because I actually need to replenish, but it leaves your body feeling smooth and radiant. My favorite scent is the Grapefruit!

After using my Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser in the evening, I use an additional makeup removing product. I use the Cleansing cloths by Consonant Skincare to help ensure all of the makeup is off of my skin before bed. They are super gentle on the skin and are 100% biodegradable!

Now…for what really changed the skincare game. I got the Luna Play brush by Foreo not too long ago and I can honestly say it has improved my skin so much. I never really paid much attention to these types of devices, but this one works! I use it with my Kiehl’s cleanser for one minute 2x a day.  This is my favorite part of my face washing routine.

Lastly, something that has drastcly helped my skin is making healthier dietary choices. I go to a lot of restuarants and try a lot of foods that are unfirmilliar to my skin. I try to limit the ammount of dairy I consume because I know that can cause flare ups sometimes…but I cant say no to icecream. Drinking more water has really helped with clearing up my skin too. Sometimes we forget to be good to our bodies, not oly from the outside but the inside too.


Winter Skincare Routine



Cleansing Cloths by Consonant Skincare
Clearly Corrective Skin Brightening Exfoliator by Kiehl’s


Luna Play; Electric Cleansing Brush by Foreo
Face and Body oil by Bio-Oil. This helps so mmuch with any scarring or discolouration on the skin.
Apple Cider Vinegar Drink by Welo
Smoothie Bowl for breakfast






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