El Catrin – Toronto 

We were first introduced to this place years ago by a friend and fell INLOVE with the food and atmosphere! El Catrin is in the Distillery District in Toronto and is my favorite restaurant there.  
The wait is always long so it’s best to make reservations beforehand, especially if you have a larger party. Last night we waited for about 40 minutes but it is always worth it.

 El Catrin is a tapas style dining experience, which means that you kinda just order a few things and share them amongst the group your with. Adam and I normally get the Grande Guacamole, which the server mashes in front of the table. We also ordered the a tun civeche with watermelon, which we had never tried before. This was amazing and so fresh. This dish is big enough for two people to try and came with house made tortilla chips.

 I ordered the Baja fish tacos, which we could not share because they were not gluten free. These seemed to be very popular (everyone around us were ordering them) and sounded pretty good, so decided to try them. They were really good but way to heavily battered for me. I don’t think I would get them again, expecially if I am eating them alone. They are very heavy, saucey and a bit over fried for my liking. Adam got some corn tortilla tacos with pork. Have no idea what they were called 😁 but they looked really good and wish I got those instead. 
Overall, everything was amazing and we can’t wait to go back. The patio was just as great as inside! 



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