Local Leaside

This evening my friend and I went to LOCAL for a bite to eat. I had never been here before and the atmosphere was very cool. It was a pretty big building, cool decor and awesome rooftop patio type thing. 

We decided to sit on the patio because it was nice outside and it’s summer, so why not?  We ordered the fried calamari to share and it was pretty good, a little to battery for me but overall good. This came with a dip and was under ten dollars which is great! All the items on the menu are affordable and reasonable. I got the ahi tuna sandwich, which tasted really good but was kinda a weird color TBH.  Usually when I get ahi tuna.. It’s not grey.. Usually it’s more pinkish. Hopefully I don’t get sick.
But anyways it was good.This had fresh avocado, lettuce, pickled onion and some other fresh toppings. It was pretty large, I could have shared this, brought the other half home.
This is probably a more lively and hot spot for a Friday or Saturday night, but was still a lot of fun for a Tuesday. It doesn’t matter what day of the week you go out if you are with good company. Love when my friends bring me to places I have never been before! I really enjoyed myself and Local in Leaside, is a great place to go this summer.  


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