OIKOS Creations

A while back, Oikos Greek yogurt delivered  me a beautiful package of their products!
I never got round to posting this because I ate everything so quickly, and it really just slipped my mind. Have still been getting used to this whole blogging thing. Anyway, a while back, Oikos sent me this wonderful gift to feature on my Instagram and blog so that I can try out some of their new flavors. Not only did they include tons of yogurt, they also added tastes of the Greek Islands and fresh fruits to create the best Oikos snack! I was very impressed with the team from Oikos and can’t thank them enough.

Greek yogurt is an excellent way to get in the extra protein on the go. My favourite flavors were the chocolate banana and the coconut one. I love having yogurt in my smoothies or even just with some granola and fruit. Oikos products are absolutely amazing and especially for summer, you can make some healthy popsicles out of them!

Thank you again Oikos Creations  👅

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