Daily Press Juicery 

Recently, I began a project with Daily Press Juicery on Queen W. They set me up with a mild cleanse package that they offer in their store. I always wanted to do something like this only because I thought it looked kinda cool and the way that i felt, I might do it more often! I feel super energized and don’t feel glued to my bed in the morning. I haven’t really been craving foods that much and honestly when I am hungry I am going to eat. I will never let myself starve, so before reaching that point I would drink some more of the juice. After that, if I was still hungry I would just eat something super light and try to stay away from carbs. This is very hard for me to not eat a lot of solid food, considering that I work in a bakery.

I think that everybody should check out Daily Press Juicery in Toronto, because only after the first few bottles I felt amazing. I picked up the reboot kit because it’s a milder cleanse for beginners, Although; most of the drinks are the same in the expert cleanse. My fav drink so far is the Mylk, which is dairy free and super yummy!

Thank you again Daily Press Juicery! 💗✌🏻️

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