Kupfert and Kim on Spadina 

Last weekend, I tried a new spot for lunch on Spadina. I had seen Instagram pictures of Kupfert and Kim and wanted to check it out. It is fast and affordable, wheatless and meatless. This is a great option for vegans or anyone with a gluten allergy!

Kupfert and Kim left me feeling energized and healthy, and the food was outstanding. We ordered the curry bowl and it was so flavourful. It had tofu, zucchini, pineapple, and loads of other fresh ingredients. This was served on a bed of brown rice with a small mix of salad greens. We also ordered the Burger of the Day and split both meals. The burger was served on a bed of brown rice aswell and roasted yam wedges. I’m so happy with what we chose and I absolutely loved it. Although I do prefer the bowls at Fresh more, Kupfert and Kim was definitely healthier, faster and cheaper!

I will for sure go back to try a few other menu options or even get the meatless, wheatless burger again 🙊 Be sure to check them out Here .


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