Vida Glow 

A few weeks ago I started taking a marine collagen supplement. It claims to assist with healthy hair, skin and nails. Vida Glow is a fairly simple product to use, as it comes packed in advised portion size.

The package that I had received courtesy of Vida Glow, was the 30 serving option. This one in particular is flavourless and mixes best into smoothies.Although Vida Glow states it disolves 100%, I personally do not advise mixing this into water. It leaves massive white chunks floating around and it’s pretty gross.

I am about half way done this package of 30 servings and I absolutely love the difference I have seen in my overall health. My hair in particular is noticibly more full and healthy, which I love! I’ve actually gotten more compliments on my hair without even styling it.

I believe this product does work wonders. I have not been taking it for very long but after being sent this gift from Vida Glow I will be sure to purchase from them again! Vida Glow also offers this product in flavors, which I will probably try next time 🐒🍓
Thank you Vida Glow for this amazing product and for making my hair and skin feel alive again!

Check out Vida Glow @ 

Vida Glow Marine Collagen



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