Skinny Mint Teatox

Recently I had been sent a package from Skinny Mint to try out their 28 day teatox. This was something I had been wanting to try out for the longest time, but I was a bit sceptical on these types of teas. Before starting this 28 day tea cleanse (in the process of completing ATM) I did a lot of research about what these types of products really do for your body. Most of the information I had come across was WARNING material. A product that contains a form of laxative is not “healthy” to your body for everyday use. Although the evening cleanse is for every other night, this may or may not be beneficial to your overall health. But one major tip I had read, was to drink a lot of water during the evening cleanses. This is because you are reducing excess “waste”….

The morning that I began my journey with Skinny Mint; I woke up feeling amazing and ready to begin this process to a more fit me lol.  I let the tea steep for a few minutes and then sipped on my morning boost. After I finished my tea and breakfast, the gym was next on my agenda. I must say, I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to working out. For  some reason, whether it was the tea or my positive energy that morning… I had an amazing workout! I had tons of energy and didn’t feel as tired like usual.

I am continuing to take the morning boost tea just to give my self that extra bit of energy, plus it tastes pretty good. But as for the evening tea, it personally does not really fit my lifestyle. I don’t feel the need to take a product that is going to cause cramping or give me the sudden urge to run to a bathroom. I’m sure if I took the evening cleanse as directed, I would see more obvious results.

I will continue to drink the morning boost tea, and I do recommend this product for someone who needs a little more energy in the morning or during the day! As for the night cleanse, it is probably amazing for someone who has a less busy schedule and can spend a few hours in the bathroom. 🙊

Thanks again Skinny Mint for sending me this teatox 💕

Make sure you check them out


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